Relationship Therapy

Bringing you Closer

Rest assured, our therapists are highly trained and have excellent success rates.

Whether you are at crisis point, on the verge of separation or if you have simply have a sense that something is missing and would like help regaining closeness A Calmer Mind can help. Our therapists can assist you in breaking those old habits that are eating away at your relationship and teach you the skills for better communication.

We can help you reconnect, resolve conflicts, overcome anger and work through the hurt and trust issues associated with infidelity. By exploring techniques that will actually work for you as a couple, your relationship concerns will be addressed with a clarity that will facilitate real and positive change.

Sometimes the mere process of discussing problems with an outsider can go a long way in resolving them. Additionally, online relationship therapy can be especially effective if one partner is less comfortable discussing the relationship.

Therapy can be conducted individually or together depending on the issues. Generally we find that some component of both individual and couples sessions works best. This method allows your therapist to get a better understanding of the relationship dynamic and formulate the best approach to resolving the issues. However, your therapist will be happy to work in whichever way both parties are most comfortable.

Let’s Talk

Giving couples the space and guidance to talk effectively, stop fighting and begin to understand one another again.

Repair Your Bond

You were happy together once, and you can be again. With our assistance resolve your differences and restore your relationship.


Commit to therapy and you’ll reap the benefits in your commitment to one another. Allow us to guide your relationship back on course.