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Therapy is changing. As will so many aspects of our daily lives, we are increasingly looking online for guidance. Our clients choose online therapy for a number of reasons. Home and work commitments mean some are unable to seek therapy in a conventional office setting, some feel less exposed or intimidated and simply more comfortable in their own home via web call or telephone.

A Calmer Mind is a leader in providing effective online therapy at an affordable price. Our services include eLife Coaching, Anxiety Therapy, Parental Consulting and Relationship Therapy.

Research suggests that online therapy is very effective in treating a wide variety of issues, such as anxiety disorders as well as relationship issues and other family difficulties.

Our therapists are here to provide you with the tools to improve your emotional well-being in a real and lasting way. You will see that our packages offer a wide array of options. Whether you need some simple guidance or more in-depth therapy we have a therapist who can help. Set up an initial consultation today to find our more about how we can help you.

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Research shows that online therapy is just as, if not more, effective than traditional therapy.

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Whilst some people are using online therapy in conjunction with more traditional therapy, many people are discovering how effective online therapy is in it’s own right and are taking advantage of the unique benefits of online services. Online therapy offers many people, who would otherwise not have sought help, access to the support they need. Whatever the issue you face, our therapists tailored approach will have you back on track in no time.

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